Below you’ll see a sample of some of the workshops I offer. If there is a workshop your organisation would find useful, let’s talk and I can develop a bespoke one to suit your needs

Getting to Know the Irish​

Workshop Content

Like any country, Ireland moves to its own beat with its own cultural references and particular ways of getting things done! Moving to Ireland can be both exciting and stressful at the same time.


This workshop will prepare you for your life and work in Ireland and enable you to avoid the pitfalls of the unknown

Who is it for

Professionals who have recently moved to Ireland and want more insight into the Irish culture and way of life.

Workshop Outcomes

·Insight into the Irish mind-set

· Insight into cultural differences between the participants country and Ireland

· Enable effective communication with Irish people both at work and in daily life

· Gain a better understanding of Ireland

· Ongoing support can be facilitated with one to one coaching where necessary


Workshop Content

After a period living abroad, moving home should be a piece of cake right?  Wrong!  Moving back home after a period of living and working abroad can create daunting challenges, both professionally and in your personal life, that can be enormously stressful. This workshop will help you manage these challenges.  We will look at the following areas:


● a sense of loss of visibility and isolation

● changes in the home workplace

● adjusting to the re-entry position

● others devaluing the international experience



●     assuming you can just pick up where you left off

●     a ‘rose tinted glasses’ view of life at home versus the reality

●     preparing for a readjustment as friend and family relationships may have moved on

●     difficulty supporting family members experiencing reverse culture shock


Who is it for

Professionals and their families returning to live and work in Ireland after an International assignment

Workshop Outcomes

A realistic appraisal of how life back home will be,  both professionally and personally.  Ongoing support can be facilitated with one to one coaching for follow up.

Moving to Ireland with Kids

Workshop Content

Concern over how your children will cope with a move away from home can be one of the greatest concerns for those considering an overseas appointment.


Preparing your children for a move overseas is extremely important and will help you to ensure that your relocation gets off to the best possible start. 


We provide a fun day packed with hands on activities to help your children hit the ground running upon arrival to their new home.  This programme is bespoke and age refined to give your children the maximum benefit.

Who is it for

Professionals with families moving to Ireland

Workshop Outcomes

Savvy kids armed with the knowledge they need to make the most of their new adventure.  Parents who feel reassured in the knowledge they have given their kids a great start ahead of their move.

Transition to Work Workshop

Workshop Content:


6 week programme

1.     Finding a good career fit – personality profiling, self-evaluation

2.     Goal setting and transferable Skills

3.     Marketing yourself and overcoming self-imposed limitations

4.     Communication and presentation

5.     CV Development

6.     Network


Who is it for

This workshop can be adapted to cater for clients returning to work after a career break, graduates entering the workplace for the first time etc.

Workshop Outcomes

Increased confidence for clients in finding the right career fit for their skillset. 

Creating a Positive Mind Set Workshop

Workshop Content

We all know the importance of having a positive mind set. It is such an important life skill which has a huge impact on all aspects of our lives. However, it’s not something that comes naturally to everyone.  During this workshop we will:


·Take stock and take action 

· Evaluate your current status

· Eliminate negative thinking for good

· Carry out an exercise in positive thinking

· Run a personal health audit 

· Identify thinking errors

· Show you how to develop well formed goals for the future

Who is it for

Anyone that feels their negative outlook might be holding them back either professionally or personally

Workshop Outcomes

You will have the tools in place that you need to change your mind set with a realistic goal-centred way forward.

Stress Management Workshop

Workshop Content

A degree of stress can be a positive force. However, left unchecked and being unaware of what’s causing your stress can be very damaging.

In this coaching workshop, we look at the stress you are under. We will examine how you manage stress and work on changing both your perceptions and the techniques you use to deal with the stress in your life, giving you renewed resilience to pressure and re motivating you to move forward.

Who is it for

Clients who feel stress is interfering with their daily life

Workshop Outcomes

This workshop gives clients the ability to identify stress triggers and the tools to overcome them.

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