Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Have you recently found yourself in the midst of a challenging transition?
Are you in the process of retiring or have you experienced a redundancy?
Are you feeling stuck and without purpose in life?

Life throws us many challenges and some of those present themselves during periods of change within our circumstances, both personal and professional. At Sheehan Coaching I can help you overcome and embrace change, whatever life stage you are at.

My coaching covers:

● Third Act
● Mid Life Coaching
● Empty Nest
● Stress Management
● Self-Esteem/ Confidence Coaching
● Post Recovery from Illness Coaching
● And much more…

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Third Act Coaching

Third Act Coaching gives you the opportunity to take stock of your experience, talents and develop a complete plan for to the future.

It is not about the financial aspects of your life – it is about all the other elements, approached in a holistic way:

● Do you still want to work – full-time, part-time, casually, contracting or consulting?
● How are you going to fill in your time?
● What are you doing to manage your health?
● Are you actually retiring – or just downshifting?
● What are your relationships like?
● Where will your social contact originate?
● What are your goals?
● If you work, how will you manage work/life balance?

Mid Life/ Empty Nest Coaching

Life coaching can help during this crucial time of transition. I’ll help you do it on your terms, with the resources you already have. An empty nest comes with its own joys – as with most transitions in life, it’s a time when we’re most open to growth and personal discovery. You may have only joked about it before, but now could be the time to start fulfilling your own potential – and living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

How can I help you with these types of life transitions?

Coaching with me will help you understand how to make your transition successful by developing the new skills you need and reframing your situation. It will also identify situations and feelings that can show up unexpectedly and enable you to get on top of them.
Whether they are thoughts or actions, when things don’t go as planned, people need resources, tools and support in place to face these challenges. Talking to someone and expressing your thoughts and finding out where they are coming from and why can be enormously beneficial. By working through this process together, I can help put you back in control of your destiny.

Stress Management

Although some stress can be a positive motivational force, stress that is not acknowledged and dealt with can be very damaging to our health and mental well-being.
Coaching with me will allow you to assess the stress levels you are under, how you manage stress and work on changing the methods you use to deal with stress in your life.

Post Recovery from Illness Coaching

Coaching after recovery from illness enables you to reframe your priorities, take control back in your life, learn how to make positive and conscious choices and find the courage to actually be yourself. Together we will assess your situation, make a solid plan for moving forward with your life and work on dealing with any obstacles that are in your way.

Lets Talk About It.

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