Expatriate Transition

Expatriate Transition

Relocating abroad to work is an exciting and challenging opportunity. However, did you know that over 70% of expatriate postings who resign say it was their partner’s unhappiness that made them reach that decision? At Sheehan Coaching I offer tailor made coaching and training programmes for expats and their partners to help them with their personal and professional development during their overseas posting

I moved with my family to Romania in 2009 and while I was enthralled with the expatriate experience, my identity took a hard knock as my “career” moved into the background. I knew something had to change and engaged a coach to help me move forward and make the most of our new found homeland and I haven’t looked back since.

I believe in supporting partners who often make significant personal and professional compromises to accompany their spouses overseas. At Sheehan Coaching I go beyond just social integration and job search. I show clients how to go about progressing their personal and professional life while abroad. I know first-hand the huge number of decisions to be addressed with every move and the potential pitfalls that can lurk around every corner.

Global transition coaching helps expatriates and their partners to overcome the stress and frustrations of expat life and to develop an action plan to ensure they live their international experience to the fullest. The result – an engaged partner or expatriate employee who is genuinely benefiting from and supportive of the assignment.

My first-hand experience coupled with my coaching qualifications gives me an insight into all the challenges facing relocating families. My coaching covers topics including:
● Expat Partner Support
● Repatriation Support
● Cross Cultural Training

To help you decide if coaching will be helpful for you in this situation, ask yourself any of these questions:

● Do you want to make the most of your international experience?
● Are you interested in building a career orsetting up a business while overseas?
● Do you want to get to know the new culture you have arrived to?
● Do you want to find out where and how to connect with people?
● Are you coming to the next transition in either another overseas location or moving back home and want to make it as smooth as possible?
● What can you expect in each phase of the transition?
● How can you prepare to make a successful move for you and your family?

I will start the coaching process at whatever stage of the transition you find yourself. I can help you effectively handle the choices you need to make, prior to moving, overcome the stress of the actual move and guide you through the process of settling into your new environment.

Moving back home

Repatriation can be hard too. Many things are out of control meaning this chaotic stage can feel very overwhelming. I never thought it would happen to me after 6 years abroad. I thought I had kept in touch and that reverse culture shock was just a myth. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Coaching in this setting brings an added sense of control and emotional support when facing the challenges surrounding settling back in your home country.

I offer workshops in all elements of Expatriate Tranisition to help overcome the challenges this presents.

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