Corporate Services


Sheehan Coaching works with organisations on many different aspects of career transition and progression and employee wellbeing. My corporate services include:

● One-to-one coaching
● Psychometric Testing – Odin Development Compass
● Workshops

One to One Coaching

I specialise in assisting organisations to help employees manage stress as well as complex life/career transitions including:

Movement into management/ leadership role:
Adapting to a new role can take time which can cost your organisation money. Coaching can speed up the learning curve and help people develop the skills they have and show them how use them effectively in their new role. New managers can often be responsible for large teams with little or no support in adapting to their new status. Coaching can help develop soft skills and the EQ required for strong leadership as well as tackling issues like Imposters Syndrome.

For any executive, the first 100 days in a new role is the key time frame in which to establish their credibility, develop relationships and focus on achieving the results necessary to prove their success in the role.

Career exit coaching, redundancy, redeployment:
For companies that are downsizing, I offer transition coaching packages that help employees land on their feet following redundancy or redeployment. Feel free to contact me to learn more and together we can determine what’s best for your company’s specific needs.

Retirement/ Third Act
I offer coaching for individuals who are experiencing the complex challenges of transition from their main career and embarking on the next stage of their life. I coach clients out of this mind-set to take control back in their life, build their self-esteem and develop a plan that will lead to a happy, purposeful life.


You may have responsibility within your organisation for ensuring the smooth arrival and transition of new or departing employees; new graduates arriving fresh from third level education, talent arriving from overseas or employees leaving due to company downsizing. Sheehan Coaching offers workshops to help your employees manage these challenging situations.

Global Transition Workshops

  • Getting to know the Irish way
  • Repatriation
  • Moving to Ireland with your children

Career Transition Workshops

  • Transitioning from University to formal employment
  • Positive redundancy workshop

Let’s talk about how a Workshop could prove useful for your organisation or how we can create a bespoke workshop that will best suit your needs.

Psychometric Testing

What is the Odin Development Compass (ODC)

Uniquely, the Odin Development Compass (ODC) reports on natural preferences or unconscious drives as well as competencies. It is similar to a personality profile only it goes deeper to reveal how our behaviour might distort under pressure and why. The ODC is based on the analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.

Imagine how empowering it would be to know and understand someone’s competencies, their strengths and weaknesses, their motivations and how they might react under stress, giving them everything they need to work and live successfully.

Whether you need to assess someone’s suitability for a particular role, understand the issues that are blocking someone’s development, or evaluate the qualities of individual team members, the ODC will help you to reach the right answers quickly and effectively.

There are many reasons why you may use the ODC –

HR and Recruitment (matching & assessment): Appropriate management and sourcing the right people for the right roles are key to success. ODC measures which natural competencies exist and in which areas candidates show appropriate behaviour. In selections, recruitment and succession planning, the ODC will help to find the best fit.

CHANGE, ODC can identify the key drivers for the required ‘change’ and translate this into the necessary competencies to develop. For example, ODC can select the right leaders and participants, helping to implement the desired organisational change in a faster and more sustainable manner.

COACHING, Coaching individuals and teams can be carried out in a much more focused way through the use of the ODC. The test gives insight into the subconscious blocks that hold back personal or team development, and can indicate which areas show room for potential development. Using these results the most appropriate and effective coaching framework can be put into place, leading to enduring results.

Traditional questionnaires use language to help us understand personality. The ODC however uses images and words in combination to help us to understand both the unconscious and the conscious elements of personality, behaviour and potential.  This gives a depth of insight that is rare with profiling tools.

The ODC (Odin Development Compass) helps you to focus your efforts on those things that come more naturally – whether you are currently aware of them or not.   In doing that you can also identify what behaviours or skills you have historically worked hard at to be good at them.

Therefore it gives us something different because it taps into the unconscious to reveal our true self – rather than being limited by conscious self-reporting and language interpretation as in traditional questionnaires.




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