Career Transitions

Career Transition

From Education to first career steps
Career Exit Coaching/ Redundancy, redeployment:
Individual Career Changes
Movement to Self Employment
Return to Work after a career break
Retirement/ Third Act

Every individual’s career experience is unique. Whether you’re unhappy in your current role and need to make a change or change has been imposed on you, I can help. I develop bespoke packages to enable you to control your next steps and take charge of your own future.

Coaching can and should be challenging. I know from my first-hand experience it is also a deeply fulfilling experience – one that can profoundly change your life. The career transition journeys I coach through cover:

From Education to first career steps

Coaching new entrants to the workforce – identifying their talents, what they want in a first job and how the two match up. I’ll help them understand what’s available and what they need to do to get that much desired job whether that’s relevant work experience or interview technique.

Career Exit Coaching, Redundancy and Redeployment

I provide constructive support during this transition in your life. Coaching through redundancy will help you to deal with your emotions and move forward in your career. I will work with you to market yourself more effectively, find new career options, develop your CV and find the right next move.

For companies that are downsizing, I offer transition coaching packages that help employees land on their feet after redundancy. Feel free to contact me to learn more and together we can determine what’s best for you or your company’s needs.

Individual Career Changes

If you are not experiencing satisfaction and stimulation from your work, there may be alternative choices out there for you. Coaching for career change can help you to make the best decisions to consciously make your next career move the right one. Although everyone’s experience is unique, the perspectives, tools and support offered can contribute to a positive outcome.
Career coaching will help anyone
● Feeling stuck in a rut and wants to explore new careers
● Seeking a career change
● Feels lost and unengaged with their current career

Movement to Self Employment – Business Set Up

I help clients to work through their options, develop a detailed future plan, identify skills gaps and work out how they can transition and adapt successfully once their decision has been made.

As your coach I help you with strategies and techniques to create business success and think strategically about your business. We will consider methods to:
● Develop specific marketing and business skills
● Expand your market and find new customers
● Develop a clear action plan for starting your business
● Clarify your business vision
● Create sustainable motivation and accountability
● Manage your time wisely
● Prioritize your tasks
● Stop feeling overwhelmed

Return to Work after a career break

Returning to work after a career break can be a daunting prospect. I know from my first-hand experience all about feeling stuck and falling victim to procrastination. Coaching pulled me out of this mind-set. I will coach you through the process of identifying transferable skills and finding opportunities to use them in the job market. Following coaching, my clients have noted a significant increase in confidence, are better able to manage stress, have reframed their identity and have achieved a better work/life balance as just some of positive outcomes from the experience.

Retirement/ Third Act

For many, their work identifies them. I offer coaching for individuals who are experiencing the complex challenges that a transition from their main career and embarking on the next stage of their life present. I coach clients out of this mind-set to enable them to take control back of their life, build their self-esteem and develop a plan that will lead to a happy, purposeful life in this next life phase.
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